What Other Warriors are Saying About Warriors Heart

I am proof that the WARRIORS HEART WORKS. I would recommend this place to the men and women who are seeking help…
-Jose, US Army

“Warriors Heart is a very special thing. For me, it’s personally very special because it’s the only place that I’ve ever experienced where I can be 100% myself.
I’ve been involved in recovery since 1992, and I’ve also been a Warrior since 1990… Warriors Heart is the one place where that kind of healing, with the same like-minded people can occur.

It wasn’t just a prescription, you know? It was a reason and a piece of the solution for me.”

-Tom Spooner, USA (Ret) Co-Founder

“Seriously the first time through all of this that anyone has cared about me. I just want my husband and best friend to be able to live this life with me and see all the beauty I see.”

“I now have hope. Before Warriors Heart, hope seemed like a dream lost within a sea of nightmares.

Thoughts of hopelessness, failure, depression and anxiety turned into thoughts of hope, success, happiness and confidence with the help of my guardian angels here at WH.

Thank you for saving my life.

I can say with confidence that I believe this program works for warriors. My only complaint is that this specialty program for warriors did not exist earlier in time as then there would not be a Mission 22 but perhaps a Mission zero.

Thank you for saving my life, my family, and affording me the opportunity to get back in the game to help others.”

-David O. MIL, LEO

“I have NEVER seen a place like thiswhere everyone works as a team and looks out for and honestly cares for each other!
The example of caring and teamwork was where I drew most of my inspiration to emulate them and set an example for my co-clients.”

-Michael, LEO

I am thoroughly impressed by the professionalism, compassion and empathy of the team that you have assembled. It is very apparent that they all have their client’s best interest at heart.


…I felt like part of the family.

“I arrived at Warriors Heart very depressed and suicidal. I was accepted and cared for by everyone from day one. I didn’t feel like a patient, I felt like part of the family. I have transformed from a miserable man to a person with inner happiness. I have never been this happy in my life. Warriors Heart saved my life!!”

-Levi, Marine MP

“I cannot say enough good about Warriors Heart.
Contacted them about having a service dog trained for PTSD. They answered all questions and if they didn’t have the answer, they found it. Gave us a tour at Warriors Heart and answered more questions. The staff they have is very professional and willing to help.”

-Lindsey, Wife of a Marine

“I didn’t know what to expect coming here. My experience has been fantastic!

My life has been fundamentally changed by Warriors Heart.

My experience at Warriors Heart changed the way I think about myself and my way of life.

Alcohol led me to forget who I am. Warriors Heart helped me remember who I am … a warrior.”
– Tim, US ARMY MP, Deputy Sheriff

“Wonderful people and wonderful program! A place to heal, focus and return to your best self!”


“Warriors Heart is one place we can truly feel safe. I have finally forgiven myself. My time here has made me remember that I am strong, I am brave. I can and will overcome.
God brought me to Warriors Heart for a reason. He’s held on to me and is holding me up so I can walk again. For the first time, I am excited about my future. I have to pay it forward now.

Love, your brother forever.”

-Jim, LEO

“How can I not give you five stars when you saved my brother’s life?! Thank you Warriors Heart for taking care of my brother!”

I have to pay it forward now.

“Warriors Heart is a place that sheds light on Darker Paths-it’s a place that presents a calm for my fellow Brothers and Sisters on all “battle” fronts– kudos to the staff and to the “Heart” great HEALING place for Warriors.”
-Carlos R. MIL, LEO