was built to unite the power of social responsibility, sustainability, and the healing of our warriors and servicemen.

The Warriors Heart Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, supports programs that address the unmet needs of suffering servicemen and women and give individuals and communities the tools to become self-sufficient. We want to build warriors that will be sustainable after our support ends, and that build upon and strengthen relationships within communities.

The Warriors Heart Foundation is a separate entity from the Warriors Heart Treatment Facility. The purpose of the Foundation is to assist our Warriors who may not have insurance or the means to fund their healing.


Warriors Heart Foundation donates to and continues to develop specific programs which will guide future funding. Programs we are currently funding are:

  • Subsidizes funding for Chemical Dependency and PTSD treatment – this includes: detox, inpatient residential treatment services, Intensive outpatient, one-on-one therapy, and sober living. Funding is predominately to the Warriors Heart Treatment Facility and has funded treatment at other vetted facilities. The Warriors Heart Facility is privately licensed through the state of Texas Department of Health Services, TriCare Credentialed, VA Choice credentialed and hold the Gold Standard Approval through The Joint Commission. The Foundation has covered outside detox programs and individual therapy.
  • Providing Funding for ESA or Service Dogs to Warriors – Trained emotional support animals and service dogs that provide a specific service to a warrior.
  • Funding for Sober Living Housing – Warriors that need continued support can stay at a sober living housing where there is still structure as they work, go to school, volunteer somewhere or continue to receive outpatient treatment. This structured environment allows them to integrate back into the community while having a safe place to stay without the temptation of past behaviors.
  • Promote Behavioral Health Education & Veteran, Law Enforcement & Firefighter Resources – predominately to law enforcement agencies, fire departments, veteran groups, etc. Currently Warriors Heart and Warriors Heart Foundation provide chemical dependency and PTSD education to San Antonio Police Department and Fire Department on these topics for their teams to know what to look for in self, their peers and veterans they come across on the street.
  • Provide funding for Brain Treatment Therapy – This is a targeted treatment called MeRT, which is tailored to the patient’s unique frequency pattern in the brain. This treatment uses an FDA-cleared technology called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS); a safe, drug-free, non-invasive treatment that improves the synchrony of your brain waves, and therefore your cognitive health. It can create a highly personalized TMS treatment protocol tailored to your unique frequency pattern and has shown to be very effective with our Warriors who do it.


We are honored for all the support and continued support we receive that assists the foundation in getting our Warriors the help they need.

– Tom Spooner, USA (Ret) Co-Founder


Thank you for taking an interest in supporting Warriors Heart Foundation and assisting our Warriors in Healing. There are many great programs out there designed to assist our warriors in different capacities. We are focused on assisting and subsidizing the financial burden in addressing the mental and behavioral health of servicemen and women to assist our Warriors in overcoming addiction, PTSD, and mild TBI. Warriors Heart Foundation 501(c)(3) accepts tax deductible donations that will support our warriors with assistance in paying for their treatment.

We invite you to join the war against warrior suicide and the challenges they face and support a warrior (our protectors) in healing with dignity and respect. We are also open to receiving additional support.

Please contact us if you have in-kind donations you would like to donate or discuss.


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